Writing Prompt #3


Writing prompt: She gripped the edge of the sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror. “One more time,” she whispered to herself. “Just one more.”

She gripped the edge of the sink and stared at her reflection in the mirror. “One more time,” she whispered to herself. “Just one more.”

She could hear him on the other side of the door, moving things around, preparing for her to move with him to the bed, to collapse with him on top of it like they had done a thousand times before. One more time. One more time and she could get the evidence she needed to rip his marriage apart – the one that he had sworn was over months ago.

“Pull yourself together,” she mumbled, standing up a little straighter. She breathed in deeply, smoothing out the front of her blouse as she watched her reflection. She felt ill as she thought of his wife, and how the poor woman had no idea that her husband – her darling man, the love of her life – was with another woman in a hotel, like he had been countless times.

She wondered, briefly, if there were others. She wanted to vomit.

“You okay in there?”

His voice on the other side sent a ripple of anger down her spine and her jaw tightened. One more time. One more time, and she would have everything she would need to send to his wife. She would never have to see him again.

Turning away from the sink, she reached out and opened the bathroom door, finding him sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling at her.

“I’m okay,” she lied, but it came so easy to her these days that he didn’t seem to suspect a thing. “You’ve only got a couple of hours before your flight, let’s make the best of it.”

She couldn’t wait for it to be over, though.


Writing Prompt #2


Writing prompt: Name one thing you wish your cell phone did for you that it currently does not.

For several minutes, she stared quietly at her phone.

Maybe if she stared long enough, wished hard enough, it would ring and she could hear that voice on the other end.


Grief was a lot like the ocean, she had discovered over the last several months, with its periods of low tide and high tide. The waves were stronger some days, and on those days, she felt like drowning.

Sometimes she wanted to give into it.

Sometimes she wondered what it would feel like to let the water fill her lungs.

She wouldn’t. But she wondered.

She would give anything to hear that voice again, anything to speak to that person one last time. Maybe if she stared at the phone long enough, she would get that chance.


Writing Prompt #1


Writing prompt: Name the top ten things on your bucket list.

When the doctor walked out of the room, Claire was left to sit there by herself, silently contemplating the diagnosis she had just been given. She wished she had brought someone to the appointment with her, a friend or family member, just to have some support, but how could she have known that she would end up being so sick?

She had so much she still wanted to do; she had dreams of becoming a world-class chef, of writing her own cookbooks, of getting married, of having children… but none of that mattered now. She had to focus on her health. Treatment could buy her a few more years, but did she want to put herself through that?

Maybe it was time to get things in order for the inevitable. Maybe she would cross a few items off her bucket list. She always wanted to see Paris, and she wondered how much of her savings it might cost her to take a trip to Europe. She wanted to learn French, fly in a hot air balloon, go scuba diving; she really wanted kids, too, but since that seemed unlikely to happen now, maybe she would adopt a cat or a dog.

She hated her job, though, so maybe that’s the first thing she would take care of: telling her boss to go fuck himself.

Slowly, Claire pushed herself off the examination table with a sigh. She pushed her hair back out of her face and reached for her jacket to put it on. When the doctor had diagnosed her, there had been a moment of hopelessness, but as she began to think it over, she realized she felt almost relieved. Not only did she finally know what was wrong with her, but this was the push she needed to find some happiness in her life. She didn’t know exactly how long she might have, and she wanted to make the most of it.